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Brigading for Better Health

The students and faculty worked alongside 14 medical professionals to serve 2,652 patients, constructed sanitation units for six families and dug more than 200 yards of trenches to create a clean water supply for the community.

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Global Brigades Group 2017

During Spring Break, Global Medical and Global Dental Brigades have travelled to rural Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras where they perform medical, dental, and public health tasks. Over the course of the trip, students worked with medical professionals to provide medical and dental care to patients. Students were tasked with public health initiatives, assisting in the construction of septic tanks, washing stations, and the mixing and laying of concrete flooring. In addition, the students split into groups to work on water brigades' projects that help improve access to water in these small communities as we help dig trenches and lay piping that will serve entire communities. 

"It speaks great volumes about the quality of our university and the commitment of our students." - E. Gordon Gee

More About Brigades

Medical Brigades

Medical Brigades

During the first half of the Global Brigades experience, students are tasked with responsibilities such as intake, triage, consultation, pharmacy, and charla.

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Dental Brigades

While tasked with Medical Brigade responsibilities, students are additionally tasked with assisting dental workers in providing dental care to patients.

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Public Health

Public Health Brigades

During the last half of the Global Brigades experience, students are tasked with performing public health services that benefit the community and its members.

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WVU Medical and Dental Global Brigades Highlights

A first-hand look into some of the events West Virginia University's Global Brigaders experienced in rural Nicaragua.


WVU Global Medical and Dental Brigades

To learn more about Global Brigades, check out their home page.

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