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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply to go on a Brigade? Please visit the "Apply" tab for instructions on how to fill out and submit an application.

Do I need to know Spanish to be able to go on this trip?
Although having a background in Spanish makes an applicant more competitive, it is not required to know Spanish upon acceptance to this program. However, the course requires students to learn basic Spanish upon class instruction, through which all the resources will be provided for student success. 
For an example of the Spanish learning material and resources, reference the "Brigades Resources" tab.

Where will we be going/staying?
The 2020-2021 Brigade(s) will be to Greece (May 2021) and Honduras (June 2021). The compound we will be staying at will not be announced until closer to departure. 

What do I pack?
Please reference the packing list on the "Brigade Resources" tab. Any additional packing is up to individual students. Follow airport guidelines concerning sizes of bottles in carry-ons and do not bring valuables.

Who will be going?
Every student must send in an application which can be found on the Apply tab. Several WVU faculty will also be attending the trip, including Professor Daniel Brewster.

What will I be doing on the trip?
All students will take part in a course associated with the trip during the Spring semester. Throughout the course students will learn the skills necessary for the upcoming trip. For an overview of project that will be completed during the trip, visit the "Mission" tab, or go here to the Global Brigades website. *Please note that the itinerary shown on this page is not reflective of the trip planned for the WVU chapter.*

Will I be safe on this trip?
Careful conversation is had between WVU and Global Brigades about the safety of the regions prior to travel. There are regions of Honduras that are known to be unsafe. However, we will be working approximately 4 hours from these regions. We will not be staying in their capital overnight and will only be in the city at the airport upon arrival and departure. Brigades has a history in this country (this is where it began) and they are very conscious of the safety protocols associated with their work. An unsafe country would make their work impossible. Brigaders will stay in groups throughout the trip, and transportation is provided by Global Brigades while in country. Travel insurance is also included in the cost of the trip.

Will I need a passport?
Yes, as we are traveling to a foreign country, a passport is required. All students going on the trip must have a passport that is valid for at least an additional six months at the time of departure. If a student does not have a passport, the application process must be completed before Winter Break. If a student has a passport that is not from the United States, please inform the club officers as soon as possible. *A passport is NOT required in order to apply to the program.*

Will I get sick?
There is a risk of getting sick, as there is for any other trip abroad. It is extremely important to remember to NOT drink tap water or use ice cubes due to a lack of proper water filtration in Honduras, Ghana, or Nicaragua. Clean, filtered water will be provided for the duration of the trip and sealed drinks are safe as well. A link to necessary vaccinations is provided below.

What vaccinations do I need?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website lists all vaccines that are required/recommended for travel to Nicaragua. All students going on the trip must provide documentation of vaccines to our Chief Medical Officer.

Please direct any questions not addressed above or in the links provided to one of the officers or Professor Brewster.