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Previous Officers

  • Pranav Jain

    Medical Brigades President 2014-2016

    My name is Pranav Jain and I’m from Fairmont, WV. I’m currently a 3rd year medical student at WVU.

    Pranav Jain’s Bio

  • Joseph McGuire

    Medical Brigades Brigades President 2016-2018

    Hi! My name is Joseph McGuire and I’m from Philippi, WV. I majored in Biology and am currently a 1st year medical student at WVU.

    Joseph McGuire’s Bio

  • Joy Wang

    Dental Brigades President 2014-2016

    Hi! My name is Joy Wang. I am originally from Charleston, West Virginia and I am one of the co-founders of Global Medical Brigades.

    Joy Wang’s Bio

  • Rachel Wattick

    Dental Brigades Vice President 2016-2018

    Hi, I’m Rachel Wattick and I am the former VP of Dental Brigades. I first traveled with WVU GMDB during my sophomore year.

    Rachel Wattick’s Bio

  • Caroline Leadmon

    Dental Brigades President 2018-current

    Hi! My name is Caroline Leadmon and I am a junior Biochemistry major from Hurricane, WV.

    Caroline Leadmon’s Bio

  • Keanan Allen

    Medical Brigades President 2019-current; Medical Brigades Vice President 2018-2019

    Hey guys! My name is Keanan and I’m a senior majoring in biology and Chinese from Wayne, Nebraska! I look forward to the service we will do together this upcoming year!

    Keanan Allen’s Bio

  • Paraag Gupta

    Medical Brigades President 2018-2019; Triage Co-Chair 2017-2018

    Hello! My name is Paraag Gupta and I'm a senior Biomedical Engineering student from Weirton, WV.

    Paraag Gupta’s Bio

  • Aishwarya Vijay

    Dental Brigades President 2017-2018; Triage Chair 2016-2017

    Welcome, I'm Aishwarya! I'm from Morgantown and am currently a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Psychology.

    Aishwarya Vijay’s Bio

  • Julia Dunigan

    Dental Brigades President 2016-2017

    Hello! I'm Julia Dunigan and have been on three brigades with WVU to Panama and Nicaragua. I am from Gilbert, WV and studied Biology at WVU.

    Julia Dunigan’s Bio

  • Tommy Casto

    Chief Medical Officer 2015-2016

    Hi everyone! My name is Tommy Casto and I am a two time Global Medical and Dental Brigades alum from West Virginia University.

    Tommy Casto’s Bio

  • David Laub

    Dental Brigades Vice President 2018-2019; Charla Co-Chair 2017-2018

    Hello, I’m David! I’m a junior biology major and English and Spanish double minor from Martinsburg, WV.

    David Laub’s Bio

  • Jimmy Bishop

    Triage Co-Chair 2018-2019

    Hi! My name is Jimmy Bishop and I am a Senior Exercise Physiology Major from Hedgesville, WV. This year I will be serving as the Triage Co-Chair for the 2018-19 Global Medical Brigade.

    Jimmy Bishop’s Bio

  • Daniel Berrebi

    Fundraising Chair 2017-2018

    Hello! My name is Daniel Berrebi and I am from Morgantown, West Virginia. I am a senior majoring in Biology and Spanish.

    Daniel Berrebi’s Bio

  • Nick Tabidze

    Public Relations Director and Media Specialist 2016-2018

    My name is Nick Tabidze and I am a second year Masters of Science in Journalism student at WVU.

    Nick Tabidze’s Bio

  • Dylan Thomas

    Charla Co-Chair 2018-2019

    I am a senior in the pre-medical and Spanish programs at West Virginia University and I am from Parkersburg, WV.

    Dylan Thomas’s Bio

  • Jacob Workman

    Medical Brigades Vice President 2019-Current; Triage Co-Chair 2018-2019

    My name is Jacob Workman and I am a junior Biology major with a minor in Sociology from Morgantown, West Virginia.

    Jacob Workman’s Bio

  • Morgan Hambel

    Chief Medical Officer 2019-Current; Charla Co-Chair 2018-2019

    Hey ya'll! My name is Morgan Hambel, and I'm from Hurricane, West Virginia!

    Morgan Hambel’s Bio

  • Shani Waris

    Medical Brigades Vice President 2016-2018

    I am a senior Biomedical Engineering and Economics dual degree from Charleston, West Virginia.

    Shani Waris’s Bio

  • Olivia Darby

    Triage Co-Chair 2019-2020

    Hi! My name is Olivia Darby and I am a senior Biology major with a minor in Nutrition and Food Studies from Charleston, West Virginia.

    Olivia Darby’s Bio

  • Kareem Wasef

    Secretary 2018-2019

    Hey! My name is Kareem and I am a senior Biology major from Morgantown, WV.

    Kareem Wasef’s Bio

  • Logan Demyon

    Treasurer 2016-2017

    Hi! My name is Logan Demyon and I’m from Fairmont, WV. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in Biology and currently am pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) here at WVU.

    Logan Demyon’s Bio

  • Courtney Saffle

    Triage Co-Chair 2017-2018

    Hello! My name is Courtney Saffle and I am currently a junior with a major in Pre-Health Exercise Physiology and a minor in Spanish at West Virginia University. I am originally from Grafton, WV but now reside in Morgantown!

    Courtney Saffle’s Bio