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Officers and Advisors

  • Caroline Leadmon

    Dental Brigades President 2018-current

    Hi! My name is Caroline Leadmon and I am a junior Biochemistry major from Hurricane, WV.

    Caroline Leadmon’s Bio

  • Keanan Allen

    Medical Brigades President 2019-current; Medical Brigades Vice President 2018-2019

    Hey guys! My name is Keanan and I’m a senior majoring in biology and Chinese from Wayne, Nebraska! I look forward to the service we will do together this upcoming year!

    Keanan Allen’s Bio

  • Jacob Workman

    Medical Brigades Vice President 2019-Current; Triage Co-Chair 2018-2019

    My name is Jacob Workman and I am a junior Biology major with a minor in Sociology from Morgantown, West Virginia.

    Jacob Workman’s Bio

  • Nick Miller

    Dental Brigades Vice President 2019-current; Chair Co-Chair 2018-2019

    My name is Nicholas Miller, and I am a junior majoring in Immunology and Medical Microbiology from Hedgesville, West Virginia.

    Nick Miller’s Bio

  • Professor Daniel Brewster

    Professor of "Sociology of Health and Medicine" course required for travel and Advisor for Global Medical Brigades and Global Dental Brigades

    Hi. My name is Daniel Brewster and I am a teaching instructor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. I serve as the advisor for both the Global Medical and Global Dental Brigades, respectively. These two organizations represent the international Global Brigades non-profit.

    Professor Daniel Brewster’s Bio

  • Morgan Hambel

    Chief Medical Officer 2019-Current; Charla Co-Chair 2018-2019

    Hey ya'll! My name is Morgan Hambel, and I'm from Hurricane, West Virginia!

    Morgan Hambel’s Bio

  • Chloe Corder

    Secretary 2019-2020

    Hi Everyone! My name is Chloe Corder and I am a senior Biomedical Engineering major with a minor in Biology from Blacksville, West Virginia.

    Chloe Corder’s Bio

  • Sarah Snider

    Charla Co-Chair 2019-2020

    My name is Sarah Snider, and I am in going into my second year at the WVU School of Pharmacy. This will be my third year traveling with Brigades.

    Sarah Snider’s Bio

  • Olivia Darby

    Triage Co-Chair 2019-2020

    Hi! My name is Olivia Darby and I am a senior Biology major with a minor in Nutrition and Food Studies from Charleston, West Virginia.

    Olivia Darby’s Bio

  • Sam Wilson

    Fundraising and Supply Co-Chair 2019-2020

    Hi! I'm Sam Wilson and I'm a junior Public Health major with a minor in Spanish from Salem, Ohio.

    Sam Wilson’s Bio

  • Colter Uscola

    Charla Co-Chair 2019-2020

    Hey there! My name is Colter Uscola and I am a senior Sociology major and Statistics minor from Park Rapids, Minnesota.

    Colter Uscola ’s Bio

  • Dominic DeFelice

    Triage Co-Chair 2019-2020

    Hi everyone! My name is Dom DeFelice and I will serve as one of the triage co-chairs this upcoming year.

    Dominic DeFelice’s Bio

  • Alex Pampalone

    Triage Co-Chair 2019-2020

    Hi, my name is Alex Pampalone and I am a senior Biology major. I am originally from Wellington, New Zealand and am a member of the WVU swimming and diving team.

    Alex Pampalone’s Bio

  • Rachel Nieman

    INSTRUCTOR OF SUPPORT: Nicaragua 2018; Honduras 2019

    Hi there! My name is Rachel Nieman, and I served as a faculty chaperone for the 2018 Global Medical and Dental Brigades trip to Matagalpa, Nicaragua. I work at the College of Business and Economics as the Director of Recruitment and Retention.

    Rachel Nieman’s Bio

  • Kallie Nealis

    Instructor of Support: Honduras 2019; Ghana 2019

    Hi! My name is Kallie Nealis, and I work for University Relations as a social media specialist. After traveling to Matagalpa for the 2018 Global Medical and Dental Brigades trip as a graduate student, I am grateful to serve as a chaperone for brigades to Honduras and Ghana in 2019.

    Kallie Nealis’s Bio

  • Professor Genesis Snyder

    Instructor of Support: Nicaragua 2017; Honduras 2019

    Hello, my name is Genesis Snyder. I am a teaching instructor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at WVU.

    Professor Genesis Snyder’s Bio

  • Blair Dowler

    INSTRUCTOR OF SUPPORT: Nicaragua 2018

    Hi there! I am Blair Dowler, and I am the communications specialist for the WVU College of Business and Economics, an adjunct instructor in the WVU Department of Marketing and freelance writer for West Virginia Executive Magazine.

    Blair Dowler’s Bio

  • Christine Jacobs

    Instructor of Support: Nicaragua 2018

    Hi! My name is Christine Jacobs and I am a prevention education specialist at the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion tasked with violence prevention efforts, victim advocacy, and diversity initiatives at the University. I also serve as an instructor for the WVU Peer Advocate course through the Center for Service and Learning and serve as the faculty adviser for the Filipino Student Association.

    Christine Jacobs’s Bio

  • Dr. Matthew Wilson

    Instructor of Support: Nicaragua 2017

    My name is Matthew Wilson, and I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science.

    Dr. Matthew Wilson’s Bio