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Brigading for Better Health

Over Spring Break this year, a group of 66 Mountaineers worked on brigade across rural Honduras. The group collaborated with Honduran medical and dental professionals in three different communities, serving approximately 900 patients in clinic. The group spent four days helping to facilitate medical and dental clinics in Escobas Amarillas, Araulí, and Jutiapa, Honduras. In the clinics the students and faculty work with local professionals to manage triage, consultation, optometry, pharmacy, OGBYN, and educational charlas for the patients. They also spent three days working on public health projects in El Naranjal, Honduras. These projects allowed the faculty and students to work with ten families to build new sanitation stations adjacent to the family homes. The stations include bathroom, shower, and laundry space. While working in small groups in the family the faculty and students really lean on each other to achieve their goals and objectives. The group visited a fifth local community, Catarranas, for a more cultural experience. The small town is home to more than fifty vibrant murals depicting themes of light, peace, and the roots of Honduras. The students and faculty were able to enjoy the local art, grab some local food, and spend some time shopping in local shops.

Panama Brigade: Spring Break, March 2025. The application is available under the "apply" tab and is due on Friday, September 15th at 5:00p.m. Check back for Information Session details.

Honduras Group

Panama Group
Over the years we have been able to brigade in four of the countries that Global Brigades operates. Our orgs, the Global Medical and Global Dental Brigades have travelled to rural Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, and Ghana where we facilitated medical, dental, and public health tasks. Over the course of the brigades, we work with medical and dental professionals to provide medical and dental care to patients. We have also tackled several public health intitiatives, assisting local masons and artisans in the construction of septic tanks, washing stations, biodigesters, and the mixing and laying of concrete flooring. In addition, we have worked on water brigades' projects that help improve access to water in these small communities as we help dig trenches and lay piping that will serve entire communities. Most recently we partnered with UNICEF in rural Panama on an extensive WASH project. 

"It speaks great volumes about the quality of our university and the commitment of our students." - President E. Gordon Gee

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Medical Brigades

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